Medical Keynotes

Heather educates healthcare providers to advocate for their treatment plans, their teams, their patients and themselves. Everyone wins.

She has a range of different keynote addresses that enhance patient experience, improve communication and create strong advocates. These include:

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Become a strong advocate for yourself – your team and patients will follow.

Heather Hansen

Why Choose Heather?

For years, I advocated on behalf of my healthcare provider clients in the courtroom. But I quickly realized some important facts

  • The juries in our cases didn’t want to hear from me. They wanted to hear from the provider who had cared for the patient.
  • My job was to teach providers to advocate for themselves. They had to learn to speak to juries in ways that they’d understand.
  • I would need to help my clients to see things through a juror’s perspective–and all of our jurors were patients. So they’d have to change their perspective in order to win.

Over twenty years, I have become an expert at teaching healthcare providers to become such strong advocates that they’d turn jury members into their advocates. And we’d win.

Now I teach providers how to use these skills outside of the courtroom.

Speaking To And For Healthcare Providers

Take an in depth look at each of Heather’s speeches to see which one would be most beneficial for you and your team.

Heather Hansen

Turn Anyone Into Your Advocates – The SEE Technique

In this keynote or workshop, Heather shares the tools providers can use to advocate for the things they need in order to best serve the patient and the healthcare team.

More importantly, she shares how the SEE Technique (Stories, Evidence and Energy) allows providers to help patients and team members believe in them as leader. That belief allows them to leave an advocate behind wherever they go.

When patients become advocates, providers get more referrals, better online reviews and decreased litigation.

The 5 Cs of an Advocate

When a provider embodies the 5 Cs of an advocate, everyone gets better. Burnout rates drop and patient outcomes improve. There’s less litigation, less defensive medicine and the value of care increases.

Choice. Compassion. Creativity, Curiosity. Credibility.

With these 5 Cs, any provider can go beyond communicating (sharing perspectives) and begin advocating (changing them).

Every provider is a member of the team. Every provider can be a leader. And every provider must be an advocate. It’s a skill that can be learned, and Heather’s 5 Cs are the core competencies of an advocate.

Heather Hansen
Heather Hansen giving presentation to boardroom of people

Trials of Medical Malpractice

In this talk Heather shares how providers can avoid lawsuits, and what to do when they’ve been sued.

She shares the research about communication as the best way to prevent litigation, and do’s and don’ts on documentation.

With stories and examples from twenty years of experience in the courtroom, Heather gives concrete examples and actionable tips to optimize the chances of avoiding a suit and, if a suit happens, winning at trial.

Keynotes to Motivate & Educate

Heather uses speaking opportunities to give healthcare providers the tools and motivation to become advocates for themselves, their treatment plans and their teams.

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